Polyaspartic Floor Coatings


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Rated Better Than Epoxy


We offer resinous flooring systems in a variety of settings that demand high efficiency and top level results.  Whether it's a garage, restaurant kitchen, freezer room,  grocery store, public restroom, school, warehouse, or retail space,  the Dual Cure® Polyaspartic coatings offer a perfect solution with superior quality.  Our floors have exceptional substrate adhesion, rapid curing,  excellent gloss and color retention, fast water resistance, longer overcoat intervals and high installation efficiencies. The unique qualities of polyaspartic floor systems offer many advantages such as:


  • 1-2 hour walk-on and re-coat time

  • Next-day return to service including heavy-traffic

  • Below 0º F application

  • Indoor No-Smell/No-VOC systems suitable for LEED eligible projects

  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, far surpassing standard epoxies and urethanes

  • No hot tire pickup

  • 25-30 minute pot-life ~ allowing for trouble-free installations




We carry a number of different colors and aggregates to create flooring solutions ranging from the most demanding industrial coatings to light traffic residential decorative concrete. Products used by Better View's certified appplication specialists are designed to ensure the proper installation of beautiful seamless flooring systems that will stand the test of time.  Some systems can be installed in just one day!



Commercial  Applications


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Whether your interested in creating a unique long lasting flooring solution  for your new business or updating an existing space Better View will work directly with you to find the perfect application to meet your specific needs.

Residential Applications


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Residential  Images


Are you tired of winding your way through the piles of STUFF in your garage?  Are you wondering what to do with the basement space.  Give your husband the garage - "MAN CAVE" of his dreams -  Let us help.  We can help create that organized proffessional looking garage or basement space with our superior floor coatings and  wide variety of garage space organizers.

Industrial Applications


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Our industrial floor coatings offer incredible retention of color and gloss, and will resist a broad range of chemicals. We use polyaspartic coatings which offer more resistance than epoxy and will not yellow or peel. Choose from any color, select from a variety of finishes, or simply use it as a clear coat.  The polyaspartic coatings are perfect for a number of They're even great for outdoor use.  

Product Applications


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Please inquire about any specific product applications of our polyaspartic coatings.